Drilling Services

Diamond Drilling

Diamond Drilling consists of a solid core being extracted from a depth for examination on the surface. At Buenti Drilling we have large experiences in the exploration industry and offer BQ, NQ/NQ3, HQ/HQ3, PQ/PQ3 sizes.

Reverse Circulation

Reverse Circulation drilling is achieved by blowing air down the rods, the differential pressure creating air lift of the cuttings up the inner tube, which is inside each rod. It reaches the top hole, then moves through a sample hose which is attached to the top of the cyclone. The drill cuttings travel around the inside of cyclone until they fall through an opening at the bottom and are collected in a sample bag. At Buenti Drilling we have immense experience in Reverse Circulation drilling, proving to drill record meters.

Ultra deep Holes

Buenti Drilling have drilling rigs available that are eqipped to drill 2500-4000m.

Large Diameter Code

Core sample quality is critical and by drilling large diameter core holes, Buenti Drilling are able to provide a core recovery of 100%. We provide 3m UWF core barrels to double the production rate. Core size 140mm, larger core sizes on request.

Rotary Mud

Rotary Mud drilling can be described as a form of drilling most commonly used to create a stable hole in bad ground condition areas. Buenti Drilling are fully equipped to perform theses services at large diameters.










Using compressed air to drive a piston-driven hammer that delivers a series of impacts to the shank end of a drill rod or attached steel bit. Buenti Drilling have great amount of experience in percussion drilling.

Water Well

Buenti Drilling have immense experience in water well drilling and offer quailty water well construction services. Sizes ranging from 6″ to 20″.
Larger sizes available on request.


The drill cuttings are removed by injection of compressed air into the hole via the annular area between the inner tube and drill rod. The cuttings are then blown back to surface up the inner tube where they pass through the sample separating system and are collected as needed.


Auger drilling is done with a helical screw which is driven into the ground with rotation; the earth is lifted up the borehole by the blade of the screw. We can offer 4″ – 25″ sizes. Larger sizes available on request.

Blast Hole

Buenti Drilling can offer services for blast hole drilling, using wheel mounted and track mounted drill rigs.